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How far in advance should I order the stork sign announcement?

Ordering a stork sign ahead of time is not necessary unless it’s for a baby shower or gender reveal party. If you’d like to have the stork in the yard before the new parents arrive home with the baby, we must have all the necessary info and payment no later than 6:00 p.m. the evening before they are to be discharged. An earlier notice is appreciated.  Same day orders will incur an additional fee.

What information do I need when placing my stork order?

After the baby arrives, please send us the baby’s name (first & middle), birth date, weight, and length.  We also need the delivery address, phone number, and gate code if applicable.

How do I place my stork sign order and pay for the rental service?

You may place your stork sign order by emailing us at storkworth@gmail.com or by calling us at 713.252.5859 or 512.810.2215.  Payment will be accepted via credit card, check or Venmo.

Where does Stork Worth deliver?

We proudly serve the Fort Worth area, including Benbrook, Burleson, Lake Worth, Westworth Village and Arlington, TX. Stork Worth is a home based business located near the Tanglewood area in Fort Worth, TX. Deliveries within a 10-mile radius of our area are included in the rental fee. For deliveries outside of this area, please contact us for a delivery quote. We will do our very best to accommodate your desired location!  Unfortunately, we are unable to service the Keller area at this time.

How do the baby shower stork sign rentals work?

Our stork rental for a Baby Shower is $60.00 plus tax, to be installed 2 hours prior and removed 2 hours after the event.  We offer “The Shower is Here” or “Welcome Baby” bundles with the sign rental.  Bundles may be personalized for a small additional fee.

What if the stork sign becomes damaged?

Our signs are durable.  However, if you notice that the stork becomes damaged, please notify us immediately.  Stork Worth is not responsible for any injuries on or around the stork.

What if I want to move the stork?

Please do not attempt to move the stork sign from your yard.  If it is necessary to move the stork, please give Stork Worth a call.

Can I mow my lawn while the stork sign is nesting in my yard?

If you mow your yard during the rental period, please be careful around the stork.  Please avoid trimming close to the base of the stork.

Does someone need to be home when the stork is delivered?

No, there does not need to be someone at the delivery address for the stork to land in the front yard.  If you have special instructions on where to place the stork, please let us know.